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Slipstreaming Wiggo

I enjoyed Jackie Ashley’s Guardian article today: http://goo.gl/LZNfd

The peleton in a mass road race like the Tour De France can reach speeds far in excess of single cyclists because it benefits from large numbers of people working together.  Can we use this weekend’s momentum to “slipstream Wiggo” and increase safe cycling in our cities? 

I wrote on the subject a couple of months ago about how the UK is struggling with making cycling in our metropolises safe enough to encourage more of us to do it. http://goo.gl/4Mq3N

One of the main problems, is motorists’ attitude to the cyclists “sharing” the roads with them. Compare UK cities to most continental cities and you’ll quickly see a cultural difference. The cause of this “us and them” attitude in the UK is, in my opinion, a vicious circle:

> Cycling in traffic is too dangerous to allow our kids to do it, therefore:

> Our motorists never cycled in traffic, therefore:

> They don’t know how to co-operate and “share” the roads safely.

I know this is an over-generalisation, but you get my point, I hope.

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