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We’re To Blame …. for the British “News”papers!

I stopped taking a newspaper a few years ago but recent events have angered me; and today’s have caused me to post this.

The succesful libel decision against numerous titles, described as “an open and shut case” followed swiftly by the contempt of court conviction for the Sun and Mirror must surely make you question the sanity of the editorial staff that made these decisions.  Is the UK press more reckless than other countries? Maybe some overseas readers can answer this.  Whatever, rightly or wrongly, I think they are, and by a very big margin.  They’re not only more reckless, in my opinion, they also seem to consider themselves omnipotent and above and beyond the law.  Today’s “punishment” won’t change their practices one jot.  It hasn’t before; consider their loss with the Maddie McCann case; and, more urgently, they seem to be treading the same tightrope with the current Stepping Hill hospital case.  

So; why do they do it?  They’re definitely not insane, though their decisons may appear so.  It’s reasoned and calculated.  To sell papers.  To sell papers to us. No other reason.  Simple, I’ll say it again … to sell papers to us.

So, QED, it’s our fault, we’re to blame.

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