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Has the Japan earthquake let the world’s press off the hook?

What am I talking about? I am talking about Libya.  A country that Gadaffi manages to rule because he can completely control the media and all communication. Opening the country up to free, transparent inspection would spell his demise more effectively than any “no fly zone” or military intervention.

So where is the worlds’ press when Libya needs them?  There all in Japan; an open, free, transparent country that is in the vanguard of communication.  Why can’t we rely on the local media to inform us about their current disaster, albeit via translation sometimes, although even that is unnecessary with the very articulate visual images that are being broadcast.

I know this is an over generalisation, and that not ALL resources and EVERY journalist has been re-deployed from Libya, but they have been significantly reduced, I am sure. I am also not wanting to down grade, in any way, the hurt and loss being experienced by the Japanese people, but:

What long term impact will western reporting on Japan have?

What long term impact could western reporting on Libya have?  

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