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Don’t Drink and Drive ….. Well ?

I recently recounted this experience to some friends who suggested I blog it, so here goes.  Not sure if I’m proud of myself, or even if I should be.  You can decide.

It took place during the Ne’erday festivities in Glasgow, quite a few years ago when drinking and driving wasn’t quite the social pariah it has now (deservedly) become. I had been working abroad and had come home for the holiday.  I’d hired a 3.0 litre Ford Capri (vroom vroom) for the period. To a “boy racer” still in his early twenties this was a very cool machine.

Scotland used to close completely for the 1st and 2nd of January then; all shops, pubs, restaurants, everything, so we would all revert to amusing ourselves at home. This wasn’t a problem as everyone would host a party at sometime over this period.

The evening of New Year’s Day was “sorted”. My social circle (which was quite large and varied, though I say so myself) was going to my friend Alex’s for the night. The “carry-oot” was the problem, however.  Convention then was that the guests provided the majority of the comestibles. The host was never expected to provide anything more then the glassware; even the “mixers” were brought by the guests.  The logistics of getting the booze to the venue was the problem. Very few, if any, of my friends had their own car at that time.  The solution was that provisions would be purchased pre-holiday, stored in my car boot till the day.  I would then drive to Alex’s where I’d been promised a bed to stay over and would therefore not have to drive until sober the next day.

The weather was as we’re experiencing now with quite a lot of new snow adding to a significant early layer.

The party was going really well and yours truly had a real buzz on, as they say, when there was an incident in the toilet with one of the girls falling and gashing her head on the edge of the bath.  The injury was quite serious (I’m told) and required some urgent expert attention.

Why an ambulance was not called, I don’t know. Mine was the only vehicle at the party and somehow I was persuaded that I would need to drive her to A&E. I remember pleading that an ambulance was a better option and that I was really not fit to drive, but can’t remember why I lost on both these points.

Anyway, patient, patient’s boyfriend and I set off in an overpowered rear-wheel drive car in 6 inches of snow to the A&E some 4 or 5 miles away.  I was very drunk (I’m told).  I believe that the weather and the holiday and the time of night (2 – 3 am) meant we had the “road to ourselves” (thankfully).  I remember feeling very proud of bringing the “behemoth” safely to a stop at a red light, albeit sideways.  I also remember being mistaken for the real customer at the A&E and being offered a wheelchair and a blanket, while the real patient was dripping blood over the floor beside us.

It all worked out well and treatment was completed and we made our way back to the party.  I got the promised bed and was awoken refreshed, much later into the new year, by Alex’s pal, who lived nearby, asking for the keys of my car so he could move it out of the snow ruts in the way of the bus, close the window and switch off the radio and headlights.

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