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The myth that all Scots want England to lose

I am a Scot. I don’t want England to lose. There, that’s the myth exploded. Seriously, it’s not just me. Higher profile Scots than me have confirmed that they want England to do well in South Africa, Andy Murray, Chris Hoy etc., etc. There’s even the famous “slip” by Craig Brown, the ex Scotland Manager, no less, who, during the last England campaign referred to the team as “we” during a radio broadcast.

No, our problem is not with the players or the fans. I live and work in England and am thoroughly enjoying the rising atmosphere with St George’s Crosses everywhere, pubs advertising special events etc., and I will certainly be seeking out busy parochial venues to watch the England games.

No, our problem is the media; I bet if the score’s 3-0 against the USA, then “the cup is ours” will be the headlines. I’ve discussed this anti-media thing with fellow Scots who tell me that their support, or even their indifference quickly withers within 10 minutes of the match commentary.

I also think that we play up our “anti-Englishness” for comic effect, because it’s expected of us and, of course, just to be bloody minded.

I know there’s a sizeable percentage who do wish England ill, but it’s certainly not the majority. There is that natural antipathy between little brothers and big brothers which I think is the source of all this, but it’s between brothers.

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