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Bergen, Norway Part 4

Time to record another couple of observations of life here in Bergen that are remarkable (using it’s real more subdued meaning: worthy of a remark).


The Sunday Walk. Remember them? When the family, usually spanning at least 3 generations, went for a stroll in the countryside, the park, the beach or just along the prom.  This tradition is still alive and well here. The shops are closed, but the TV is as good, or as bad as in the UK. Sporting events take place and, modern Norwegian families all have internet broadband, DVD players, XBoxes etc.  So I’d argue that their Sunday Walk is a positive choice, not an escape from boredom.The second observation is that children, even the quite small, go to school by themselves, walking, cycling and by bus.  At the moment both to and from is in the dark.  Parents allow and encourage this not because of laziness, naivety or innocence.  They just think it’s the right thing to do.  The perception of risk and the fear of crime here just seems to be more maturely handled.

  1. Rob
    January 26, 2010 at 2:33 am

    My parents put me off walking as a social / recreation activity. I walked so, so much when I was young – often for miles even as a toddler. I have a dislike for "going for a walk" and avoid it wherever possible. This said, if I was asked if I wanted to go and see if I wanted to take photos of around somewhere, I don’t think of it as a walk and really enjoy it – silly, I know.As you know (from the comments you’ve made on our Twitter discussions) I live in an area which is countryside and therefore I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been a bit spoilt with what there is to see and if this adds to the "can’t be arsed" factor.I do think it’s an excellent idea to actively take part in some form of outdoor activity. Perhaps, next time someone suggests a walk, I should translate that to mean, "grab yer camera – we’re off to get some shots".

  2. shaun
    January 26, 2010 at 3:08 am

    I read a marketing book a while back called "Herd". The central theme was that humans tend not to make rational individual choices, most simply choose to follow, imitate and defer. Citing this relatively new phenomenon of floral tributes for the fallen that we see every so often along our highways in the UK, we see just how things seem to start (somehow) grow and then reach a tipping point after which it becomes social convention. Relating this to some of the malaises of our society it merely means that most people think what they are told to think. Tabloid newspapers really should be more responsible in how they report their stories as people are so easily panicked, enraged, appalled and corralled. Maybe the press in Norway is more responsible, I don’t know

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