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Extra High

I’ve found another reason to get the bike or running shoes out for the daily commute.  No need to preach the green argument, or the health one, or even the expense one. Take those as read.We all know that exercise releases magic endorphins; the feeling of euphoria that is completely free and harmless.  In itself, that’s a good enough incentive for running or cycling to work.  There is even a school of thought that suggests the fitter you get the more intense the high.Here’s the bonus, the “extra high”.  Imagine beginning every workday in a state of euphoria. What would you pay for that?Take my word for it, it works.  I was getting out of bed these last few freezing cold mornings, just back after the holidays feeling, well, shit, is the word.  What I couldn’t understand, at first, was why I felt so good by the time I started work.QED.

  1. Rob
    January 15, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    For a while I could never understood why I’d see people out running (for the sake of running) in circumstances such as some of the worst weather we’ve had over many years. My cousin, Aunt and Uncle once saw that I got a medal when I was 12 years old for running in a fun run. They were so impressed, they went to join a running club and have since become addicted. Yes, I said addicted. The endorphin rush you describe does give you that feel good vibe when you start work for the day; however the flip side (for some people) is that if they don’t partake in that every day, it’s much like a heavy coffee drinker missing their first few cups at the start of the day. The body crashes.I think it’s commendable that you go out in all weather to travel to work by bike. I enjoy riding my own bike, but suffer from biking apathy when I need to get it and I ready to head out for a ride. I wish I could be bothered to cycle the 18 miles to work each day, but in all honesty, I’d want to shower when I got here and the facilities aren’t good. Furthermore, the additional time sink in a morning vs. travelling by car would mean getting up even earlier and missing out on quality time with my toddler son.Maybe I’m just making excuses. I’m jealous of anyone who can be cheerful and chirpy pre-10am. I know I can be since being so around my son is met with relative ease, but I just can’t bring myself to be "human" at work until I’ve had a brew and settled into my day.(On a separate note – glad to have found your blog from your Twitter feed and secondly, have you considered using Disqus for your commenting side of WordPress? (Not sure if .com will allow it) It’s very good!)

  2. brianbge
    January 15, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I think you have got your priorities right about how to best use your "morning" time. I have two distinct advantages that I don’t mention in my blog. Work is only a 20 minute run and 10 minute cycle away and there’s excellent shower and changing facilities at work. Otherwise, there’s no way my active commute would be feasible.

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