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Cold Lashes

A new experience for me tonight.I’m back at work in Bergen, Norway, which is experiencing the same (well, similar) extreme winter weather that is “strangling” the UK.  My digs were chosen so that I can walk or cycle to work, as I can’t really justify having, and don’t really want, a car while I’m here.Anyway, the snow and the temperature has been just too much for the bike since I got back from the Christmas holiday. An average of metre deep snow and day and night temperatures not rising above -10C has meant that I’ve been walking to work this week.  As the Norwegians would say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”, so I’ve been well wrapped up against the elements and the walk is no more than 30 minutes, so it’s not a particularly extreme hardship.Tonight, however, on the way home, with a temperature of -15C , things were very different.  My face scarf was causing my breath to go straight up my face. It then condensed and froze on my eyelashes.  It was a few moments before I realised what was actually happening, thinking it was snowing, but then noticed the completely clear sky.  I eventually  worked out what the strange sight and sensation was.Don’t have a photograph, unfortunately.

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