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Four Thoughts From Abroad

I was listening to a podcast of Simon Mayo’s interview with Shirley Williams that was broadcast on BBC Radio 5Live last week.  Four things came into my mind that I decided I just had to blog:

First, Podcast: Have we already taken these for granted?  This simple transferable audio version of the video recorder/Sky+/iPlayer or whatever device we use to manage our viewing and listening has so easily become almost indispensable.

The almost seamless way we consume podcasts of daily radio broadcasts proves my point, I think.  They are free, and available 24/7 anywhere in the world. My Sunday run without Mayo and Kermode and the Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy Show as my training partners, wouldn’t be the same.

Secondly: the BBC.  Go live and work abroad. That’s all you need to do to realise just how incredibly lucky we are to have this.  Now, of course, with the internet, the whole BBC empire is available to almost everyone.

Third: Shirley Williams. Where, in the current batch of politicians, is there a Shirley Williams.  This particular interview is worth listening to, no matter your political colour, trust me.

And last, but by no means least: Simon Mayo.  The retirement of Sir Tel (all congrats on a great career) has caused a shuffle on BBC Radio which moves Simon from the afternoon slot on Radio 5 Live to a more music DJ kind of slot on Radio 2, replacing Chris Evans. He’ll do this in his sleep. It is after all what he did previously on Radio 1.  What we lose, unfortunately is a daily broadcast from someone who has grown into, in my opinion, the master of this genre. His quiet unassuming, but rigorously researched interviews are always worth listening to, no matter how trivial the guest, with the occasional (no, fairly regular) gem.  The one with Williams is a good example.

This is Simon’s last week on R5L, and I think he’s reviewing his 8 odd years of R5L programmes.

Check out the BBC site if I’ve created an interest.

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