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A Night at the Opera?

I went to a concert last night.

I’ve been working and living in Bergen, Norway now for over 6 months.  Bergen is the birthplace of Edvard Grieg, one of the world’s most famous composers.  I’m sure you’ve heard the Peer Gynt Suite at some time in your life.  The permanent monument to him, the Grieghallen is a complex of concert halls in the centre of town.

As I’d mentioned to a few work colleagues that I would like to take in a concert at this great venue sometime, I wasn’t surprised when they announced last week that they were going to a concert and they had a spare ticket.  I didn’t hesitate, “count me in”, I said, expecting Brahms or Beethoven maybe.  I then found out the concert was Mew, a Danish alternative rock band.

I’ve a very catholic taste in music and am always open and receptive to new experiences, so, undaunted, I Spotified them (is that a verb yet?) for a few days.

The concert was excellent, the venue was top class, and a great night was had by all, as they say.

Mew’s repertoire is very theatrical which really suits a live show; they are very accomplished and confident enough to be experimental (which generally worked for me). They also have a refreshing sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously.  This concert was a first for me, in that I was watching a band none of whose music I owned. Is this the new age of Spotify, Last-FM etc?

BTW I have some Spotify invites, if anyone would like one; leave a comment where I should send it, if you’re interested.

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot to mention that although the concert was sold-out and the hall very full, there was tons of space near the bar. We weren’t  at a temperance meet, we were in Norway!

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