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Vox Populi – A Beginning?

I was completely blown away today with the very high profile furore over Jan Moir’s article on the Daily Mail website about Stephen Gately’s death. Charley Brooker’s article in the Guardian will bring you up to speed if you need it http://bit.ly/2lIdWJ .Today’s events followed the lifting of the gag on the Guardian over the Ivory Coast spillage affair earlier in the week.  Both “successes for Vox Populi” have been credited to social networks on the net, particularly Twitter.  Go on Twitter and search for any keyword associated with either story and you can re-trace the events that led to significant volte faces (I think that’s the plural).The Twitter world is, I think, a little overwhelmed by it’s newly found power. At times today, it was acting like a child who’s just discovered a new skill or freedom.I think there’s now no doubt that there’s been a significant shift of the power base. This shift has been heralded for a while by pioneers of the media like @StephenFry etc., but recent events have convinced me that we definitely have something new and wonderful here. Something that we’ve never seen before; genuine Vox Populi. My fear is that here, as in most other situations, power corrupts and we manage to squander this unique and, lets be honest here, and without a hint of exaggeration, one of the most significant social events in our history.Vox Populi, this time for real?

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