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Who sets the political agenda? Who should?

The media coverage of UK Political Conferences is surely a case of the tail wagging the dog. Does public interest in them justify the coverage they get.Indeed,  speaking generally, does the public interest (and their need to know) justify the proportion of a news media’s staff dedicated to the reporting of “politics”.  I’m not saying that politics should not be reported,  but I think it would serve us all better if the media spotlight was more proportionate, maybe then we’d see our political system operating without having to pander to the media. (It should be noted that the profession of journalism ranks only slightly higher than politicians in the least respected professions in the UK).Party Conferences used to be annual meetings of members and like-minded people who would meet to raise and debate issues and prospective policies. Sadly, they, along with almost every other public happening in this country is performed with a wary eye on the media.  They become a media circus and their agendas are hijacked. Who does this serve?Of course there should be coverage, but it should be proportionate and balanced by public demand, not by the media. It could be argued that the medium that reports politics, corrupts politics.

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